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                    Woven Fabric Flat Silk Click rate: Release time:2021-03-12 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

                    Plastic woven bags refer to polypropylene, polyethylene resin as the main raw materials, extruded, stretched into flat silk, and then woven, bagged products. First of all, after the raw materials into the extruder, by 190-250 degrees C of external heating and screws and the mutual cutting of the barrel, the material in almost all plasticized, by quantitative, fixed pressure extrusion. The mold is molded to form a molten film that enters the cooling water. After cooling, the film is cut by the blade into embryo wire. The embryo is stretched highly in a higher temperature oven until flat wire is formed. Then the flat wire is hot-shaped on the hot roller, shrinks at low traction speed, and is processed by the cold roller at low temperature, and finally is rolled into by the disk differential tensor system.

                    The technical indicators:

                    1. Materialization modified index, mainly mixed modified, mixed ratio, functional additive addition ratio, waste recycled material mixing ratio.

                    2. Physical fluidity index, mainly has the stretch ratio, blow-out ratio, stretch ratio, retract ratio.

                    3. Mechanical performance indicators, mainly have pull-off force, relative pull-off force, break elongation, line speed, line density deviation.

                    4. Tolerance size indicators, mainly flat wire thickness, flat wire width and so on.

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