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                    Aluminum Foil Film Click rate: Release time:2021-03-08 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

                                                                                                  Aluminum Foil Film

                    Three layers of dry fuse: PET/AL/PE,AL/PET/PE. General composite aluminum foil in the middle, PET outside, customers used to do more packaging materials. The difference between the two: there is PE and substrate composite fastness is good.

                    Two layers of dry fuse: PET/AL,AL/ PE. General composite aluminum foil on the outside, customers used to do building insulation material more. The difference between the two: there is PET after the compound longness is good.

                    Note: QiYao aluminum foil material has a bright surface and sub-surface, when ordering must indicate which side of aluminum foil and which material composite.

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