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                    Thermal Carton Click rate: Release time:2021-03-05 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

                    The dynasty of foam boxes has fallen, and a new generation of functional cartons is emerging.In recent years, related enterprises and scientific research units to increase research and development efforts, has launched a number of insulation function of packaging materials. Mainly for bubble insulation box, pearl cotton insulation box and KT box.

                    Pearl cotton is sometimes referred to as EPE pearl cotton. Bubbles are a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material compared to what is in conventional foams. Overcome the disadvantages of fragile, deformed and poor recovery of stylus. It has many advantages, such as moisture protection, shockproof, soundproofing, insulation, good plastic performance, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact resistance, etc., and also has good chemical resistance.

                    Now in carton packaging, more and more carton manufacturing industry has chosen pearl cotton, bubbles as the inner packaging in cartons. At the same time, the principle of waterproofing aluminum layer, insulation layer of the inner and outer walls are attached to the aluminum coating film, aluminum coating film has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, gas, water vapor, odor, light and other barriers to improve, its sealing performance is good, to ensure the sealing performance of the packaging. Aluminum-plated composite pearl cotton or bubbles, we found that this aluminum-plated pearl cotton, aluminum-plated film bubbles and other used in cartons have many benefits.

                    Pearl cotton, bubbles compared to ordinary cotton, it occupies less space, will save the space of cartons, in the handling of this will also save a certain amount of space. Because of the water moisture, shock, insulation, toughness of this series of characteristics, so it can protect our products in many aspects. At the same time pearl cotton, bubble cost is low, can save costs.

                    Based on the above conditions, we use the "sandwich" design concept for use in cartons:

                    1. Aluminum-plated pearl cotton or bubbles attached to the inside and outside walls of the insulation layer, effectively reduce thermal radiation, heat conduction and thermal convex, so the insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick foam box, effectively reduce thermal radiation, heat conduction and thermal convex, so the insulation effect can reach 18-24 hours.

                    2. The inner and outer walls of the insulation layer are coated with aluminum coating, creating a silver shiny waterproof insulation carton, to make up for the traditional carton soaked by water or steam and damage the defects of the box, to ensure the original characteristics of the contents of the box. Traditional cartons in the transport of frozen food, there are fatal defects, because frozen food taken out of the cold storage encountered outside hot air will produce condensate, soak cartons, resulting in cartons soft or even broken. The inner and outer layer aluminum foil film of the excellent cold insulation carton has waterproof function, and the insulation layer is an rubber foaming material with moisture resistance, which will not wet the box body and cause the box to break.

                    3. Although the small foam box can keep warm, it takes up a lot of space in transit; Excellent cold insulation cartons, not only continue the foldability of ordinary cartons, but also the integration of foam box insulation, set the advantages of the two in one, in the history of cold chain packaging to lead the new fashion.

                    Material: white paper jam, copper plate paper, gold and silver paper jam, krat paper, corrugated and other paper.

                    Process: film, iron, silver, bump, UV, imprint, offset printing and so on.

                    Price: Materials, specifications, colors, processes, quantities, real prices, so please carefully check with us before you order the above points. The above baby prices are for informational purposes only.

                    Artwork: We design for you for free, or you can provide it yourself.

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