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                    Thermal Box Liner Click rate: Release time:2021-03-01 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

                    2/3D BUBBLE BOX LINER

                    1/4" thick foil laminated, metalized bubble cushions for protection and insulation. Comes with self-seal adhesive strips for airtight closure.

                    2/3D EPE BOX LINER

                    Lightest type of cushioned shipping bag made. It's super affordable and is great in quality. Insulated box liner can be used to shipping food, thermal insulation, keeping food fresh and safe.

                    1 INCH BOX LINR

                    QY thermal box liners are our high-performance, innovative box insulation line, recommended for shipments of 48 hour or longer of refrigerated or frozen goods.

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