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                    Gasification anti-rust packaging materials Click rate: Release time:2021-02-23 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

                    Gasification anti-rust packaging material is the VCI gas phase corrosion inhibitor mixed in polyethylene, paper and other materials made, through immersion in the gas phase corrosion inhibitor to play a rust-proofing role.

                    VCI anti-rust paper: the use of high-quality rust-proof raw paper and high-efficiency compounding of special VCI liquid, processed through a special process refined. In the sealed packaging space, the VCI contained in the paper body at room temperature and pressure began to sublimate and wave rust-proof gas factors, diffusion permeated to the surface of the rust-proof article and adsorbed on it, forming a single molecule thick dense protective film layer, so as to achieve the purpose of rust-proof VCI has a variety of formulations to choose from.

                    Rust-proof oil: This oil is a low viscosity, micro-volatile long-term rust-proof oil, is made of low-viscosity refined base oil and a variety of special effects anti-rust additives and solvents refined. Apply to the metal surface and leave a uniform anti-rust film. Widely used for long-term rust protection of steel objects.

                    Several factors that affect corrosion:

                    1. The mercury of temperature and humidity is more likely to rust than in stable conditions - because it causes water vapor to condense.

                    2. Bring salt in from hand contact.

                    3. Sediments on metal surfaces become acidic when not removed frequently.

                    4. Corroded by hydrochloric acid during impregnation.

                    5. Salty air in coastal areas.

                    6. Outdoor storage.

                    7. Shipping.

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