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Happy birthday, executives Wan Click rate: Release time:2020-11-16 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

The years are tinged with meanness and barrenness, and next year will continue to be generous with life.

Eighteen adults also ride the wind

Down the day, invincible joy, everywhere beautiful scenery, good years.

In order to promote the company's culture, create a warm and comfortable working atmosphere, but also to improve the cohesion between the company and employees, colleagues and colleagues, Hangzhou Qiyao New Materials Co., Ltd. will hold a birthday party for employees every month, singing birthday songs.

Autumn wind white clouds, Dangui fragrance, we ushered executives Wan's birthday party, a blessing, a birthday song, a birthday cake. Although it is a small move, including the company's cordial care for employees. Let everyone to the hero's attitude to work hard, work together to accompany the company to grow together. In the laughter, Shouxing put all the blessings into the bag.

All employees are more enthusiastic and active in their joy. Contribute to the development of Qiyao.

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