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Super Absorbent Resin Click rate: Release time:2020-11-16 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

Super absorbent resin is a newly developed functional polymeric material containing hydro-hydrogenetic groups and having a certain cross-linking degree. It can absorb its own weight hundreds of times to a thousand times the water, water absorption capacity is very strong, water preservation capacity is very high, absorbed water can not be squeezed out by simple physical methods, and can be repeatedly released, absorb water. In agriculture and forestry, a "micro reservoir" can be formed at the root of the plant. In addition to absorbing water, high absorbent resins absorb fertilizers, pesticides, and are slowly released to increase fertilizer and medicinal effects. High water-absorbing resin with its superior performance, widely used in agricultural and forestry production, urban landscaping, drought-resistant water, sand control and so on. In addition, high water-absorbing resins can also be used in medical and health care, oil exploration, building materials, transportation and many other fields.

HD128: 80-120, fine particles, suitable for compounding and other uses.

HD160: 30-80, cost-effective, moderate water absorption speed and water absorption, slight impurities and odor.

HD180: 30-80, large water absorption, water absorption speed, product quality is stable, the model slightly impurities and odor, cost-effective.

HD760: 30-80, level 1 products, no impurities, no other odors. Large water absorption, water absorption to maintain strong, water absorption after good stability, maintain good strength.

HD766: 40-100, level 1 products, no impurities, no other odors. The particles are detailed, the water absorption speed is fast, and the water absorption is moderate.

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