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                    Hangzhou Qiyao new materials Co., Ltd. was founded in2006,The predecessor of the Hangzhou hardware plastic products factory is located in the "an earthly paradise" and "beautiful West Lake" said Chinese Hangzhou, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and service as one of the.

                    The application of new energy saving and environmental protection materials, the company's main roof, walls, floors and other buildings, building roof waterproof material and aluminum foil reflective materials, automotive air conditioning industry, application of thermal insulation moisture-proof material, steel structure roof joint insulation material and composite panels, cold chain logistics system or bags of plastic raw materials and insulation cover accessories include (non-woven) woven cloth, tarpaulin, woven bag, net, garden cloth, plastic film and aluminum foil tape, and outdoor leisure sports activities including crawling (camping) pad, garden hassock, tents, yoga mat six series of products.

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                      Fax:+86 0571 8606 1602


                      Address:IBC , NO600 , JINSHA DOAD ,ETDZ,HANGZHOU-310018,CHINA


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